Firm and Tight Mini Band Workout

Firm And Tight Mini Band Workouts

This fitness program is suitable for all levels, designed to burn unwanted body fat and add sexy, toned lean muscle to make you look and feel amazing! 7 workouts include full body movements working against the mini bands resistance, targeting all areas of your body to give you the results you want. Do you want to look and feel your absolute best? Then let's get started!

Train with trainer Tonya Fines who will keep you motivated while you burn fat and tone your entire body.

All 7 workouts include full-body movements that target all areas of your body. This exercise equipment DVD can help you stay in shape.

The posture strengthening routine will warm up your muscles and increase your mobility and flexibility.

Do these quick workouts wherever you are. No "gym" equipment needed Designed for beginners or advanced athletes. Use resistance band training to achieve the body goals you want. Use this training band comfortably at home. Great Value: The app is easy to use and has clear instructions. 

Firm And Tight Mini Band Workouts