Arctic Blast Pain Relief Drops

Arctic Blast Pain Relieving Drops

Harvard Discovers Hidden "Off Switch" for Agony from Arthritis, Back Ache, and Chronic Pain.

Apply it to your aching joints from arthritis or your sore back or neck and it’s "lights out" for your pain. I mean that literally. It goes right through your skin and switches off your "pain nerves."

These are all-natural herbs and extracts and modern science confirms what folk healers have known for centuries...

Consider Arnica 45 for example. Recent studies found it has an "equivalent effect" to ibuprofen for Osteoarthritis patients. (And without the side effects you get with most over-the-counter meds.)

Or look at another ingredient I’m using: Wintergreen Oil. 46 This is a powerful inflammation-fighter that doctors call "natural aspirin." That’s because it has a similar molecular structure (and effectiveness) to aspirin.

And because it supports the body’s natural healing ability. I’ve also included Aloe Vera…47 which is famous for wound-healing and soothing burn pain and I could go on and on…

Arctic Blast Pain Relieving Drops