The InnaPeace Program

The InnaPeace Program for (Improving Your Meditation)

A Proprietary Brainwave Guidance Program: InnaPeace

InnaPeace™ is a series of CD-quality audio tracks with soothing sounds of nature and pleasant tones for relaxation and meditation.

Embedded within each progressively deeper track are multiple proven Brainwave Guidance (BWG) technologies. These BWG components are virtually inaudible to the ear, yet harmlessly absorbed by the brain.

Each deeper InnaPeace™ track also includes comprehensive support material, a document which explains how to achieve the maximum benefits from this breakthrough brainwave guidance technology and what to expect at each stage.

The brainwave guidance technology (3xPureTone™) built into InnaPeace™ is so cutting-edge, it's unlike anything else in many respects. 

Now here's an illustration of the brain before and after using InnaPeace™ brainwave guidance technology. It shows the process of synchronising the brain's activity into alignment toward whole-brain-thinking: Each InnaPeace™ brainwave guidance audio track contains a different target brainwave frequency, which takes you into deeper states of meditation as you progress through the program.

The InnaPeace Program for (Improving Your Meditation)