7 Days To Drink Less Online Alcohol Reduction Program

Georgia Foster is a World Renowned Hypnotherapist, specialising in overdrinking behaviour. Learn how to drink less alcohol in just 7 days.

7 Days to Drink Less is a revolutionary online program created by Georgia Foster, a clinical hypnotherapist who's been running her own practice for over twenty years specializing in alcohol reduction therapy.

Based on the same methodology she’s used in her practice, 7 Days to Drink Less gives drinkers the tools they need to address the internal issues that cause them to drink too much, while giving them the freedom to still enjoy the occasional drink on their own terms.

The results have been outstanding: 97% of participants report reduction in their alcohol consumption as a result of this program! For lovers of alcohol who know it’s time to drink less… Dial in a ‘drink less’ mindset without having to quit… Georgia uses short questionnaires and tick boxes to help the reader establish how they currently relate to alcohol and then gives simple, practical steps to help the reader take back control of their drinking.

Quit Marijuana - The Complete Guide

Helped 15,000 People In 32 Countries Quit Weed

Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide uses modern psychology to help you overcome your daily marijuana habit without willpower. This now famous guide has helped over 15,000 people quit weed in the privacy of their own home.

Like thousands before you, quit weed the easy way…

  • Addiction Psychology

  • Defuse your psychological addiction using proven psychology

  • Banish Your Cravings

  • Discover what cravings and urges are and how to overcome them

  • Sleep Control Course

  • How to get to sleep naturally, without sweating or smoking weed

  • How To Change Your Thought Patterns

  • REAL-LIFE solutions that work to rewire your brain

  • What You Should Never Do

Alcohol Free Forever™ How to Stop Drinking RIGHT NOW!

How to Quit Drinking With Alcohol Free Forever

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Quit Smoking Magic

“Discover How to Quit Smoking in as Little as 7 Days, Even if You’ve been a Chain Smoker for the Past 20 Years - with No Relapses, No extra MONEY Needed, and a 98% Success Rate, Guaranteed!”

Quit Smoking Magic is the first and ONLY program of its type that literally FORCE YOU to easily kick the habit in just days, even if you have a shoestring budget and absolutely no will power.

As a former chain smoker for many years, myself, I have tried virtually everything on the market to quit smoking, with no REAL success. A few times, I actually quit for a few weeks, and even a few months, but in the end I always relapsed.

Unlike many other programs, the “Quit Smoking Magic” program will work for you. And this program offers many exclusive benefits and features that no other program can. There are several method included in this e-book. But, the main method is called cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy commonly used by psychologist and doctors to make those who addicted towards...

The Sobriety Success Method

Need to get sober from home? No rehab. No AA. This is the at home sobriety revolution you've been looking for.

Dealing with any addiction isn’t easy. The Sobriety Success Method is designed to easily help you fight back and get sober. Whether you’ve hit rock bottom or questioning if you need help at all, this book is your answer.

This step by step method teaches you:

How to beat any addiction using principles from helping over 2,000 students. What to do to prevent a relapse and what to do if you relapse. How to build health in all areas of your life including physical, social and psychological. How to get through withdrawal and detox without going out of your mind. Why existing approaches to addiction and recovery treatment simply don't work

It doesn't matter if you're dealing with alcohol addiction or an opiate addiction, if you've been searching for a way to finally get sober and beat addiction then you need this book.

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